Virtual reality is becoming one of the leading technology trends, and Oculus has teamed up with Teckzone to bring this emerging tech to students in underserved communities.

As part of this donation, Oculus will also provide educational suggestions for VR and mentorship from their engineers to students at the center, helping them get the most out of their VR experience. The Teen Tech Center at Little Black Pearl is the first of four Teen Tech Centers across the country to receive Oculus Rift and Oculus Go virtual reality setups donated by Oculus.

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Each center works to address the opportunity gap by giving youth access to tech education opportunities, relationships that help to build confidence, and a foundation for school and career success

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“Will reality be augmented or virtual or some hybrid of the two? In any case, reality will no longer be the only game in town.”

Oculus Go is one of the easiest ways to experience VR

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